Michel Saint Hilaire

Michel Saint Hilaire is a local Winnipeg artist, the youngest of six children. He lived originally in the small town of Otterburne, south of the city. He completed 2 years of fine art in 1993. Since graduating from high school he made extra money on the side by selling his artistic creations.

Michel started off creating several types of visual arts, from logos and banners to portraits, Murals and fine art. He now is commissioned to do various projects for clients. This includes photography, interior design and sculpture. His technical abilities span over an array of areas in the artistic field; some of which is self-taught and some is through institutional training.

He has a strong passion for his fine art. His earlier work had specific characteristics, an illustrative quality, and surrealistic style. Many of his pieces contained the human form, cars and architecture. Much of his recent work possesses a contemporary feel. He has moved away from the common illustrative renderings and has tapped into the expression of his linear patterns and architectural landscapes. He has a distinct grasp and insight of geometry and kinetics and applies his unique vision often into his artwork to represent balance, flow, beauty and symmetry.

“I once utilized pencils more often but now, after painting on so many diverse textures of buildings throughout Winnipeg, and experimenting with paint, I found a new expression through the brush. I still enjoy mixing mediums but I really am starting to fall in love with paint.”

Michel’s Mural career started in the town of St.Pierre and on his relative’s properties in the country. His Mural talents expanded when he worked in Winnipeg as an assistant to artist Larry Rich (Color Rich Decorative Arts). Together they painted several interiors with the promise of Michel furthering his own Mural visions. “This was a wonderful experience, to learn some technical abilities through Larry and to understand the planning of large creations from such a knowledgeable artist.”

His latest partnership with Muralist Mandy van Leeuwen has so far been the most important for understanding how Murals are done correctly. Together they problem solve and find new technical abilities to add to their knowledge of Mural painting.

Michel would like to make his living creating artistic projects (Murals, sculpture, special event planning and decorating) along with his own fine art. He sees definite potential for this to happen here in Winnipeg. “It’s true the winters are long but my family and friends are here and I love the prairie skies.”

Contact Saint Hilaire at (204) 956-5008 or by email at monmichel33@hotmail.com

Visit Michel’s website at http://www.michelsainthilaire.com

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