Mandy van Leeuwen

An accomplished Mural artist, Mandy van Leeuwen creates original compositions for both exterior and interior spaces, public and private projects. Since 1998, the Winnipeg-based Muralist has worked on more than 45 outdoor tableaux and countless dioramas, theatrical backdrops and room settings.

Capitalizing on the transformative nature of her art, Mandy infuses these larger-than-life paintings with meaningful scenes, characters and details that tell a distinct story. Throughout each commission, she works closely with clients to bring visions to life.

The process starts with a meeting on location to explore the potential of a particular space. Each project begins with the idea that first inspired the client. Together, artist and client then determine the direction, timeline and budget.

Applying careful consideration and insight, Mandy develops the concept through research and sketches. Only then can timing and costs be effectively finalized. As each project is unique, prices vary, depending not only on size, but also on content and details. Each mural is a one-of-a-kind work of art that personalizes a particular space in way nothing else can.

Quality and longevity as well as the clientís complete satisfaction are of the utmost importance to the artist. For interiors, Mandy uses washable water-based paint that resists fading. On exterior walls, she uses outdoor acrylic latex paint with a focus on pure colours. Materials used are variable to each projectís needs, and some may employ mixed media as well.

Not limited to straight walls, the artist enjoys the challenges of incorporating windows, angles and other architectural features into a project. She has created murals on a variety of surfaces including brick, stucco, cinder block, crezone board, wood, metal and oversize canvas.

On several many projects, Mandy has worked in collaboration with various other artists, including Michel Saint Hilaire with whom she has shared a close artistic partnership since 2004. Mandy and Michel have lent their perfect blend of individual artistry to numerous public murals throughout the Winnipeg area.

Mandy is also open to working in other cities and town. Always exploring different styles and techniques, she is continually honing her art to reach an ever-higher level of expression. As a result, her work has garnered not only local attention but also international acclaim.

Whether itís a three story tribute to a local personality, one of several animal enclosures for the Assiniboine Park Zoo, a magical bedroom for a young child or the perfect playful backdrop to a man cave, each of Mandyís pieces is a unique and unforgettable work of art.

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