Rodrigo Pradel

Chilean born artist Rodrigo Pradel, moved to Winnipeg at a young age. His family kept his roots alive while being raised in Canada. He constantly kept himself busy with illustration and artwork as he grew up. Involved in several mediums, he was always introducing new tones and direction into his work. Today he works and lives as a creator full time, 'no plan b' as he always believed.

The younger years were full of illustration and comic work. Creating his own comic series and designs he would soon be introduced into the world of street art. His work would mirror him through the growing stages of his life. Street Art for Rodrigo brought upon a new and fascinating underworld with a sports-like competitive edge with other artists unlike any other art form.

As he matured, he grew into a yet larger world of paintings, Murals and shows. "If it wasn't for the paths and risks I have taken creatively growing up, I'm sure I would have been bored a long time ago."

Once Rodrigo had opened up a few informal solo and group shows himself and with other collectives, he pushed his work to be part of the community, part of the everyday, and most importantly breaking the local trends. His belief is the spotlight must shine on the work, not the artist. He lives by one motto – 'STAY HUMBLE ONLY ALWAYS'.

"I see us all as limitless and although I go through the lows that anyone of us do, I am convinced more now than ever that my work can be therapeutic. Healing. I choose love to be my light. May I leave that feeling with those who encounter my work."

The Murals he has produced in Winnipeg have been done both solo and with other fellow artists. Using mixed mediums from paint to aerosol he has been able to bring a fresh new flavour to the city. Always clarifying for everyone the difference between graffiti and aerosol work: "Graffiti is illegal, there is no such thing as a legal graffiti Mural. If it's legal, its aerosol art and this should not be frowned upon regardless of its medium."

The people of Winnipeg come across his work in all corners and walls of any neighbourhood. His work can be seen on a large wall in 'the village' to custom painted RV motor home heading to Folk Fest! Recently he has been working out of Winnipeg and in other countries spreading such as the United States, South America and Europe.

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