Annie Bergen

Annie Bergen is a Winnipeg Muralist and arts mentor/facilitator. Annie also administers group Mural projects within schools and communities. These types of projects speak of her strong commitment to making art accessible as a tool for self-expression, urban renewal and community cohesion. Facilitating large-scale projects such as these reflects her belief in community development, and has also taught her invaluable administrative, management, and leadership skills that she brings to her business, Art by Annie.

Since Annie painted her first Mural at 17 years of age, she has painted several large-scale murals in Winnipeg for the private and public realm. She particularly enjoys painting Murals because of the scale and the physical aspect - the whole body is involved in its creation, almost like a dance. Annie has quickly developed a reputation as a talented, approachable and professional artist. Stylistically, she enjoys using bright colors and high contrasts.

Annie is presently administering a mixed-media, community Mural out of the Red Road Lodge, sponsored by the Manitoba Arts Council and Neighborhoods Alive!. This project – entitled ‘Restoration’ - nurtures an exploration of media, artistic style, and community involvement that promises to make a significant impact on public art in Winnipeg and has left a huge mark in the city’s core. Restoration was the start of a new path for Annie. Since, she has begun to diversify more by collaborating with other artists and by incorporating mixed-media into her Mural projects. Annie’s supportive partner Lee Holleron helps her in all aspects of business. A recent partnership with artist/friend Marcus Bauer has been exciting and fruitful for her: “it’s refreshing and inspiring. We push each other along and support each other when the work becomes exhausting or overwhelming...”

Currently, Annie is working with her partner Lee in the beginning phase of developing a community art space at Knoxx United Church in Central Park. She is planning a mobile-art caravan that visits inner city neighbourhoods throughout the summer to engage youth in impromptu art making. She has also been accepted in the Artists in the School program through the Manitoba Arts Council, so she looks forward to branching out beyond Winnipeg for programming. Contact Annie Bergen at

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