Each year, we lose some good outdoor art in Winnipeg. For the year indicated, here's a last look at, a last goodbye to some of the artwork that has disappeared that year.

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This temporary installation was rendered by Nim in 2014, with sponsorship by the Forks Special Projects Team. It was removed in early 2015. Original notes follow:===

In October of 2014, The Forks introduced a new exhibition of large crowd scene Murals by local Winnipeg artist, Nym.

The showing began on October 30th with the Halloween themed "Costume Drama" (photo 2, see photo caption for artist comments on the piece) and the companion piece "Suits" (photo 3, see photo caption for artist comments on the piece). Shortly after these 2, the remaining 2 large pieces "Waiting in Line" (photo 4, see photo caption for artist comments on the piece) and "Crowded" (photo 5, see photo caption for artist comments on the piece) were mounted on the rail car facing the Forks parking lot.

The series entitled "Crowds", depicts 4 large-scale crowd scenes exploring the roles we all play in society and the interactions we participate in daily. Social commentary and dynamic art making combine to present art that engages and challenges the viewer to define themselves within the art.

Located on the rail car facing the west parking lot within the historic Winnipeg Forks, the crowd scenes reflect the continuing heritage of the Forks as a gathering place for diverse groups of people. "While the masses of people form a distinct dynamic visual composition," says Nym, "each person in the crowd is clearly an individual with their own story. As the viewers confront the works, the crowd scene is extended and includes the observers themselves, making them part of the artistic experience".

About the Artist: Nym (aka Darryn J. Nimchuk) is a local painter and graphic novelist who is working on Crowd and Genre Murals in multiple mediums and formats exploring social commentary, criticism and entertainment. In addition to his paintings exploring the crowd as an entity, Nym has a self-published graphic novel and is currently completing an ongoing graphic series and various other narrative and sequential art projects.

Source: http://www.nymprod.com/

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