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Scale: 1:2,000


1200 Jefferson Avenue Map of 1200 Jefferson Avenue
Location: SE corner, Jefferson & Sheppard; West Face
Occupant: Seven Eleven
District: North Inkster
Neighbourhood: The Maples
Artist(s): Rachel O'Connor, Wayfinders Youth
Year: 2012
Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!
Painters: Lovina, Othello, Michelle, Christian Mariano, Ravi Sehira, Claire Pineda, Ruthanne Lantina, Christel Casbal, Melissa Beady, Alex Meyers, Charina Duenas, Randy, Doanvir, John Lucero, Tanina Sambilay, Beatrice Laki, Awit Marcelina, Chezne & Tayanne, Rajvir Sehira, Jamie J., Muabb Mille, John Singe, Maye Nonato