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85 Sutherland Avenue    Location Map

South and West Face.

Location: N side Sutherland under the Disraeli Freeway overpass; all faces of twin containers

Occupant: Twin-Industry; Pulse Fitness Systems

District: North End

Neighbourhood: North Point Douglas

Artist(s): Brian Gasenzer (as Cash Akoza)

Year: 2016


The scene is loosely based on the courtyard at the rear of the Centre, and includes raised flowerbeds that wheelchair residents themselves can plant and tend.

Tiffany Seymour: "What I was trying to aim for in this Mural was a wheelchair accessible theme and to show an environment with equal accessibility to all. For this one I used a projector to project my images onto the wall. There were some nights that I stayed really late and there were certain residents would come and talk to me, so I made some friends while I was there. It was very pleasant working in that environment. It was different too, because I had never worked indoors before; I'd stay sometimes 'till 3 in the morning, running around in my socks and having the radio on; it was quite comfortable!"

"Right after I did this Mural my friend who is younger than me moved into this place. She's always been disabled. People were so sweet there. After the Mural was finished they presented me with an Art Book that was a nice little treasure."