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1333 Manitoba Avenue    Location Map

Location: NE corner Manitoba & Shaughnessy; West Face

Occupant: City Food & Discount

District: McPhillips-Keewatin

Neighbourhood: Shaughnessy Park

Artist(s): Paul Ullrich, Lorraine Paluk-Hetzler

Year: 1999

Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!, Northern Paint Supply

Painters: Designs: Myles Posthumos, Lyna Meuangkhoua, Laurence Sanderson, Kyle Rear, Rainier Carlos


Paul Ullrich: "One of the reasons I liked doing this one was that it was right in my neighbourhood. This is the Chinese grocery store; every year they would paint it, and every year it would get tagged. The Mural was part of the anti-tagging campaign. Take Pride Winnipeg would always get me to do a little extra work on the Mural, because any blank space that was left would leave room for tagging."

"Students submitted their basic designs, and my job was to choose the best of them and arrange them into a collage. We juried it, and picked the best ones. I then worked out a rudimentary design and started placing and arranging the various elements from these best entries into the design. It was a very childlike Mural; it wasn't my own artwork."

"I had to use a ladder on that one a little bit, but it went smoothly. Oddly enough, the Mural still exists but the school (Florence Nightingale) was torn down. I enjoyed that school; it looked very much the same as the school I went to when I was a kid; the old brick schools with teachers who taught there for decades, small student body- about 120 students. It was a nice work experience. You will notice the pay phone there on in the middle of the wall- it was the only pay phone around. Right across the street there was public housing. I was painting all around these people who would make phone calls from this pay phone and was privy to all kinds of rather interesting conversations that I had little choice in hearing!"