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Scale: 1:2,000


Fermor Pedestrian Underpass Map of Fermor Pedestrian Underpass
Location: pedestrian underpass bet. St. Vital Library and the YMCA
Occupant: Fermor Pedestrian Underpass
District: St. Vital
Neighbourhood: Norberry
Artist(s): Mandy van Leeuwen, Franklin Fernando, Glenlawn Collegiate Students (all unsigned)
Year: 2021
Sponsors: Take Pride Winnipeg!, Brian Hayes, City Councillor, City of Winnipeg
Painters: Glenlawn Collegiate Student Artists: Peyton Clark, Anne Zapata, Jaymisyn Santos, Jillian Beaubien. Glenlawn Art Teacher: Cloyd Barth. Student Poets: Zainab Aidi, Nawal Semir, Claire Hill, Aachal Patel, Jaymisyn Santos.
Project Advisor and Knowledge Keeper: Jeannie Whitebird