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Scale: 1:2,000


1411 Main Street (1) Map of 1411 Main Street (1)
Location: NE corner Main & Atlantic; South and East (Rear) Face
Occupant: Naleway Caterers Ltd.
District: North End
Neighbourhood: Luxton
Artist(s): Jeremy Henderson, Justin Ludwar
Year: 2005
Sponsors: Marymound School, North End Community Renewal Corporation, Pollock Hardware, Gord Mackintosh (MLA St. John's)
Painters: Sarah, Amy, Miranda, Kirsty and Gina. Technical Advisor: Mandy van Leeuwen. Coordinator: Mardy Yager.
1319 Main Street Map of 1319 Main Street
Location: SE corner Main & Machray; South Face
Occupant: Video Cellar
District: North End
Neighbourhood: St. John's Park
Artist(s): Steve Loney
Year: 1992
1348 Main Street (Shutters Mural) Map of 1348 Main Street (Shutters Mural)
Location: Shutter storefront Mural; barely south of SW corner Main & Cathedral; East Face
Occupant: Hood Hop'rz-Fumez
District: North End
Neighbourhood: St. John's-
Artist(s): Brian Gasenzer
Year: 2011
1316 Main Street Map of 1316 Main Street
Location: SW side bet. Church & Macray; South Face
Occupant: Native Hood Art & Lifestyle Shop (formerly Hood Hop'rz-Fumez)
District: North End
Neighbourhood: St. John's-
Artist(s): Brian Gasenzer, Rodrigo Pradel(team collectively known as Aquila Productions)
Year: 2009