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Scale: 1:2,000


325 Logan Avenue Map of 325 Logan Avenue
Location: NW corner Logan & Stanley; East Face
Occupant: Jatt Car Modifications Tire & Rims
District: City Centre
Neighbourhood: Logan-C.P.R.
Artist(s): Rodrigo Pradel
Year: 2017
265 Princess Street Map of 265 Princess Street
Location: visible on Logan; SE corner Logan & Princess; North Face
Occupant: Soho Flats
District: City Centre
Neighbourhood: China Town
Artist(s): Hanna Reimer
Year: 2022
248 Princess Street Map of 248 Princess Street
Location: W side bet. N & Alexander; East Face
Occupant: small office building
District: City Centre
Neighbourhood: Centennial
Artist(s): Crisp
Year: 2013
Sponsors: Singlespeed (Web Design)